Are your clients fearful about the state of the Western world right now or just stressed out about something they feel is lurking right around the corner and completely out of our control?

People who watch the news often gravitate toward the negative, whether it’s on a global scale (terrorism, climate change or gun violence) or a local story about children going missing, being hurt or worse.

Many people end up marinating their fears in a never-ending stew of hopelessness that leaves them perplexed and stuck.

Our CHEK Practitioners and Faculty Members help clients dissolve that culture of fear, disempowerment and negativity that prevents them from making healthy changes and living their lives fully.

To help your clients begin to sever their fears of the known and unknown, I’ve brought some heavy hitters with unique perspectives.

My latest video conversation features the special Marvel Team-Up duo of Warren Williams and Jator Pierre (who recently discussed the pros and cons of video games).

The constant feeling of acute fear allows outside events and people to exert more control on the lives of your clients, all to their detriment.

Learn how using Paul’s 4 Doctors principles and bringing better awareness about the Pain Teacher can help your clients begin to live a fear-free, dream-affirmative life.

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