How long do you want to live?

Typically, when you ask most people that kind of question, you’ll get a number, usually in the triple digits. In other words, they focus on the how long part of the question without considering the health and quality of that life they want to lead.

From what I’ve seen, those in the how long category focus their attention on biohacking, essentially a pursuit of longevity out of a fear of death.

Maybe, one of the more important questions to ask yourself is how is your last decade of life going to look like, based on the work of Peter Attia, whose recent book, Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity, is a New York Times bestseller.

The other important question: How long will your kids and grandkids live based on the health choices you make every day?

Living a longer, healthier life is the subject of this very special excerpt from my recent Living 4D conversation with my great friend Wade Lightheart. Believe me, you’ll learn a lot from Wade, not only about longevity, but maintaining your balance, creating rituals and pursuing excellence.

Love and chi,


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