You can’t imagine how many times I’ve been asked, “What’s the fastest way to health?”

Very simply, being honest with yourself about the choices you make in your life and your health is the simplest and best answer I know.

Yet, when I ask people why they keep making bad health choices, the most common response I get is, “I don’t know.”

For the next six weeks, you’ll learn what good health really means by examining it through the prism of my 4 Doctors philosophy in this video series.

Back to that “I don’t know” response, the best way to fill in those gaps of not understanding the gravity of the poor choices most people make about their health is to embrace a more mature and comprehensive definition of good health grounded in reality.

Health is an honest willingness to engage your body-mind so that you take on body-mind challenges in life as an integral process of creating and living your dreams and accomplishing your goals and objectives.

It’s common for people to experiences illnesses even when they’re doing things they love to do. However, healthy people engage those obstacles as part of their own personal process of personal, spiritual and professional growth and development.

Part 1 asks what good health means to you. Over the next six weeks, I’ll help you fill in those blanks, starting with Dr. Happiness and working my way through the other Doctors for the remainder of the year.

As you need more guidance, I hope you’ll consider reading The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need as we discuss each of the 4 Doctors in depth.

Love and chi,