Education and Training by the CHEK Institute

Education is the cornerstone of the CHEK Institute. From rehabilitation to corrective exercise to high-performance conditioning; from stress management to healthy eating to lifestyle coaching; health and fitness professionals from around the world turn to the CHEK Institute for training and education. We offer many different ways for your develop your professional skills and knowledge.

What are Advanced Training Programs?

The CHEK Institute’s Advanced Training Programs are designed for exercise, therapy, conditioning and health-care professionals who are ready to take their careers to the next level. These live programs are not for those who just need continuing education credits to renew their certification, but are designed to stimulate and stretch your mind, multiply your skill-set, provide you with advanced training techniques and set you on the path to becoming one of the top professionals in your field. Our Advanced Training Programs stress the importance of understanding the unique requirements and challenges of each individual, as a whole. This holistic, integrated approach to training and conditioning ensures optimal results, further enhancing your earning potential. Manyย students of the CHEK Institute have successfully increased their fees by 100-300% and still find themselves handling a full schedule of clients!

To learn more about the CHEK Institute’s Advanced Training Programs, click on any of the programs below that interest you!

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Program (Levels 1 to 3)

This three-level program teaches the techniques that have helped thousands of people increase vitality, decrease stress and sculpt the body of their dreams. Each level looks in increasing detail at the underlying causes of disease and stress, considering the body as a โ€œsystem of systems.โ€ Using a coaching model, you will learn how disease and stress are preventable through healthy eating habits, lifestyle management and appropriate types of exercise. You will understand why every meal, every bout of exercise and every late night has a hormonal consequence. You will be given tools, such as in-depth questionnaires, to assess your clients or yourselves and allow you to determine their or your readiness for change.


CHEK Integrated Movement Science Program (Levels 1 to 5)

These programs are designed to create highly superior exercise professionals. The CHEK approach is not a “cookie-cutter” model; rather, youโ€™ll learn how to assess and effectively administer individualized exercise programs for all levels of clients, using tried-and-tested principles and methodology based on current research as well as the clinical experience of Paul Chek and the CHEK Faculty. Key components of these programs are the integration of many different modalities including traditional exercise prescription, mind-body fitness, soft-tissue therapies, alternative healthcare and orthopedic rehabilitation; learning how to build a strong referral network with other complementary professionals, to help your clients achieve their goals.


CHEK Golf Performance Specialist Program

Expand your skills to include a whole new, lucrative niche! Become a CHEK Golf Performance Specialist and learn how to improve performance in golfers by addressing golf-specific conditioning needs using Paul Chek’s Whole In One approach. Golf is one of the fastest rising participation sports in the world. In the US, golf equals swimming for participation with 16% of Americans actively participating โ€” that’s 43.5 million people! The fact is golfers will do anything to hit the ball longer and lower their handicap! Golfers regularly spend as much as $4,000 on a set of clubs, hoping for an extra few meters on their drive. The golf industry generates billions of dollars in sales every year!


Praise from CHEK Students

The CHEK Institute represents what the future holds for the fields of exercise and rehabilitation. I have no doubt that [The CHEK Institute’s] information and techniques will be the industry standard in the near future.
Terrence Thomas – Florida, USA

Paul [Chek] and the [CHEK] Faculty have literally changed my life, not just with my view on corrective exercise but how I view the world.
Tom Smith, Neuromuscular Therapist – Hertfordshire, UK

How can I sum up how the programs and staff at the CHEK Institute have helped me? My rates have increased (doubled), my services are in great demand, and ultimately I’m able to significantly improve the quality of life of my clients. There is no doubt that the knowledge attainable through the C.H.E.K Institute will make any motivated practitioner a success in their career.
Chris Weigel – Texas, USA