Is Playing Video Games Really Unhealthy?In your journey to better health and becoming a CHEK Practitioner, you may wonder if the enjoyment you feel playing video games or binge-watching bad movies on Netflix in your spare time is a good thing or a distraction that prevents you from pursuing better, healthier goals.

It’s such an intriguing question (posed by one of our readers) that I needed some extra help to answer it. My latest video conversation features a familiar pair of CHEK Practitioners — Warren Williams and Jator Pierre — who weigh in on achieving a balance between good health and fun.

The pros and cons of playing video games are well documented, but there’s far more to those basic questions to consider.

Are you trying to escape from something in life you really need to deal with right now? Is that desire to escape so powerful you’re neglecting your basic needs (sleep or nutrition)? Arguably, you could β€œescape” from life by doing healthy things, like studying too much or meditating as a way to set yourself apart from others who may need you in their lives.

However, you could also be judging yourself very harshly for scheduling valuable play time that provides you the space to think about new dreams that can lead to new legacies and a greater purpose in life too.

As you watch my latest video conversation with this Dynamic Duo, learn why you don’t have to be perfect to be happy and healthy and why pursuing your dream is far more important than attempting to be β€œperfect like Paul” or any CHEK Practitioner.