If you read the headline to this latest blog and got curious enough to get this far, the pursuit of excellence probably means a lot to you, as it does me.

But how do you reach that pinnacle of mastery without losing yourself in the process? A lot of people become famous and successful in the modern lexicon of health, but in the pursuit of success β€” not excellence β€” they run themselves and their health into the ground.

However, the pursuit of excellence is a good thing, so long as you understand that excellence is a progressive state, not an absolute or final destination.

That’s one of the choice bits of wisdom you’ll hear in this very special segment from my recent Living 4D conversation with BiOptimizers President Wade Lightheart.

Wade and I talk about what happens when people start mixing excellence with success β€” they are very different pursuits β€” and why it’s important to recalibrate what excellence actually means for you from time to time, based on Arthur Young’s choice point concept.

Love and chi,


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