For many people, losing fat and keeping it off is a never-ending struggle against a cultural mindset that is drowning in an irresistible โ€œsea of food.โ€

Most folks view fat loss like running a race — a race they’re hoping to finish as quickly as they can. They’re looking for a silver bullet diet. The problem is that usually most diets just don’t fit — they’re unsustainable for a variety of reasons,

So whatever success they’ve had melts away and then the โ€œfat gainโ€ cycle starts up all over againโ€ฆ

If your goal is to lose fat and keep it off for a lifetime, itโ€™s critical to look at this challenge from a number of angles:

  • Your ancestral lens
  • Your mainstream influences
  • Your physical needs
  • Your mental challenges
  • Your cravings dilemma

CHEK Faculty Member Jator Pierre and I have spent the past few months discussing these challenges and how to coach your clients to lasting good health in our recently completed five-part series about fat loss.

Sound complicated? Well, the reasons why we struggle with our weight can be, but often the solutions can be quite simple. And that’s what this series is all about – untangling the complexities and revealing the simple steps we can take to lose the fat we want to for good.

Get started with Part 1 below — it’s a great introduction to the topic. After that, feel free to skip around and watch the videos you find most relevant.

Part 1: Why Macros Donโ€™t Matter in Fat Loss

Most diet โ€œgurusโ€ claim, if youโ€™re not losing weight merely by moving more and eating less food, somethingโ€™s seriously wrong with you or youโ€™re lazy. Jator explains the two critical factors that make losing body fat so challenging.

Part 2: When Fat Becomes Familiar

Being overweight often feels like wearing a very familiar set of clothes, even when your body is in bad shape. In this video, Jator describes the mental challenges involved in โ€œchanging clothesโ€ by sharing his personal weight loss journey.

Part 3: How Breathing and Posture Affect Body Fat

Did you know the way you breathe and your posture can affect the weight you carry on your body? Jator describes how faulty breathing patterns and bad posture can be signs of deeper mental-emotional challenges in your fat loss journey.

Part 4: How Dietary Restraint Causes Weight Gain

Can you be working too hard to lose body fat? Jator explains how conscious dieting and poor sleep habits can be obstacles in your weight-loss journey.

Part 5: The Cravings Paradox

Cravings can be one of the hardest challenges youโ€™ll face when trying to lose body fat. But what do they really mean?