You’ve probably heard the phrase, Wherever you go, there you are, at various points in your life.

Its origins come from Confucius, and that very same saying was the springboard for the title of a book by Jon Kabat-Zinn on mindfulness meditation too.

For the longest time, CHEK Faculty Member and world traveler Jator Pierre bought into that phrase 100 percent. β€œIt certainly makes psychological sense, if I am an accumulation of my experiences and perceptions and if the outside world is essentially a canvas I project onto.”

But what happens to your perceptions when the exterior environment changes for an extended time or forever? For Jator, his recent trip to Denmark was a life-altering one.

His business, already a successful one, was exploding by leaps and bounds, his health improved and his body performed better while playing sports he loves.

However, this saying may be true, Jator says, if you’re not willing to be aware of past patterns in your old place and aren’t curious about how you can use your new environment as a trampoline that springboards you into new and awesome directions.

Are you willing to take advantage of that new environment by taking a leap of faith and recreate yourself in better ways?

And, what happens when you return to that old environment you inhabited previously?

Do you revert to the person you once were, reliving that Wherever you go, there you are mantra? Do you fall back into old patterns and perceptions with the people who knew you before those changes?

These worries can be very confusing, frustrating and fear-producing for most of us. It certainly was for Jator…

Learn how to navigate that changing world better, grow new tethers in a new and healthier place and why you don’t need to move to Denmark to transform your life in my deep, meditative conversation with Jator.

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