The Science of HULKING Out

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What happens to Dr. Bruce Banner when the stress in his life gets to be too much?

He turns into the raging, green giant we all know as the Hulk. (Yep, we’re back to superheroes again!)

For Dr. Banner, stress has clear and genuine effects on his physical body. The general Western attitude towards most life stresses, on the other hand, is to gut it out… walk it off… suck it up.

But our everyday life stresses — from our daily work commute, to a failing marriage, to unemployment, to looking at our long-term financial future — just do have powerful physical effects on our bodies. Especially when we experience those stresses for long periods of time.

In my most recent interview for the CHEK Blog, Jator Pierre discusses the exact physical/biological basis for all of the harm that prolonged stress does to the body.

So what really happens when people Hulk Out in the face of overwhelming stress?

Watch our conversation below!


“The Science of HULKING Out” Audio File

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