Most clients have a broad understanding about all of the things they need to do to be healthy β€” improving sleep habits, drinking plenty of water, eating more whole organic foods and getting a bit more movement. So, why is taking action is so hard?

CHEK Faculty Member Jo Rushton and I discuss the value of asking three simple questions that address different parts of a client’s life to motivate him/her to make meaningful changes (based on Brendon Burchard’s book The Motivation Manifesto).

In applying this concept, it’s critical to understand that inspiration and motivation are connected. Both are fuel for change,Β  yet are very unique too.

Inspiration is a state in which you want to do something.

Motivation is a state in which you have to do something.

When clients can create healthy relationships with what they believe is necessary for them to do and get to a place where they see how it can inspire more of what they want do, they will need some motivation to get there.

Typically, there’s lots of things involved with what clients have to do to create healthier state of being or body that may require a lot of motivation, like going to the gym, organizing healthy meals or getting to bed on time.

How do you grow the inspiration clients need to make things happen?

As you’ll see in my video chat with Jo, it comes down to asking three basic questions based on Paul’s 4 Doctors philosophies to help clients get clear about what they want, what they don’t want and what they are willing to commit to make meaningful change in their lives.