You’ve probably heard or read about the Chakra system — the seven wheels of energy that reach from the base of the spine to the crown of the head that match up to nerve centers in the human body — but you may still have questions about what they really do.

Think of the human body like a computer. The hardware is the physical shell, but what drives it is the software. This same analogy applies to humans.

Minus the physical shell, the human body is a cadaver. What animates and allows us to exist is the spirit, soul and prana or life force that animates the physical body.

The software is like the psyche — the emotions, ego and life force/prana — that makes a person move his/her body.

So how does the software of your body work to channel this energy that is your own personal Chakra system?

CHEK Faculty Member and Integrative Health Coach Warren Williams and I cover the basics of the Chakra system, how we internalize disease and injuries and what that does to create more serious health problems in our video discussion.