Chronic fatigue syndrome is a real problem for people who suffer from extreme stress and exhaustion in ways that are hard to pin down by another underlying condition.

More professionals in the medical world are coming around to the belief, however, that imbalances in the hormones produced by the HPA axis (the pituitary glands, hypothalamus and adrenal glands) could be a major factor in chronic fatigue syndrome.

In this video, CHEK Faculty Member Jo Rushton explains how the HPA axis works, specifically the mechanisms by which these glands and our bodies become so fatigued due to a constant state of secretions thanks to a never-ending feedback loop of stress so that neither can do their jobs properly. You’ll also learn about some of the symptoms so you know how to recognize them.

In addition, Jo shares some easy ways to begin to recover, nourish and heal our adrenals through better nutrition, especially by avoiding processed foods, caffeine and sweets, and taking some of the time we spend glued to technology and devoting it to movement and exercise.