It’s really not that hard to follow a healthy diet, especially if you focus on eating as much organic food as you can, and you don’t have skip eating meat — the highest quality protein source — to do it either.

With human health declining and obesity rates skyrocketing, however, more people than ever are replacing real meat with processed fake stuff made from something impossible or soy-based products like textured vegetable protein.

Even crazier, two food companies received approvals from the USDA last month to produce and sell cultured meat grown in labs from cells of real chickens.

Do these scenarios sound appealing and healthy to you at all? They don’t to me either, which is why I wanted to share some very wise words from Paleovalley and Wild Pastures CEO Autumn Smith about the benefits of eating real meat and the problems that occur when you remove proteins from your diet.

Autumn talks about the problems associated with protein leverage hypothesis, a theory that humans will prioritize consuming protein in food over other components to the point of overeating which could go a long way toward explaining the obesity epidemic.

Also, I talk about my experience following a vegetarian diet more than a decade ago that really enhanced my capacities for inner vision and subtle energy perception but came with huge downsides (triggering a rapid aging process).

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Love and chi,