Stepping Out of The Matrix

ยฉ 2018 Warner Bros.

Countless hours have been spent by people all over the world digging into the philosophies behind The Matrix trilogy of films.

Even people who donโ€™t go very deeply into spirituality or conscious awareness, however, still understand the symbolism behind โ€œstepping out of The Matrix.โ€ In fact, some 2.6 million pages have been devoted to ways of getting out of the Matrix life.

Considering too many people are so focused on the negative parts of our world, no wonder they want to escape. But how and where?

These are concerns CHEK Faculty Members like Warren Williams face every day of the week as coaches dedicated to their clients who are so focused on the negative that they see little or no positive way forward.

Do you find yourself most often looking for the negative?

Do you feel as if youโ€™re unworthy or undeserving of a better life, free from physical and emotional pain?

Do you have dreams but are so afraid of failing that you never even try to make even the smallest changes in your life to achieve them?

Watch my latest conversation with Warren and learn how to explore your own agency — the power to make decisions and act on them — as a way to get past those deeply embedded obstacles and take the first steps toward creating the life you want.