Ben Greenfield: Intuitive Eating, Ego Dissolution, and Effective Parenting

Ego gets in the way of living our lives, often so effortlessly we barely even notice, until problems arise as they always do

The subject of ego is at the heart of Paul’s second Living 4D conversation with biohacker extraordinaire Ben Greenfield, as they wind their way through intuitive eating, lying, spiritual courage and their philosophies about free-range parenting

Check out Ben’s work and his podcasts at BenGreenfieldFitness.com and keep up with his updates about his upcoming book, Boundless. Ben is also the CEO and co-founder of Kion.

Please Note: There has been some confusion about the Michelson-Morley experiment as Paul discussed it in the companion episode to this one on Ben’s podcast. Paul would like to clarify that the experiment did not validate the aether and he did not intend for it to sound as though the experiment did so on Ben’s podcast.

  • How Paul developed butter espresso. (6:36)
  • Paul describes intuitive eating. (11:28)
  • Defining what angels and spirits really are. (17:47)
  • Paul describes how he knows whether he should be eating a given food or not via his intuition. (24:13)
  • The Michelson-Morley experiment. (31:46)
  • What “junk” DNA really is. (41:01)
  • Can people learn ego dissolution without the use of plant medicines? (47:16)
  • Coffee, cigarettes and tea: How they influence the thinking process. (50:15)
  • If you have food sensitivity issues, are you logging your foods? (55:58)
  • “The body will not support a lie because, from an evolutionary perspective, it decreases survivability.” (1:02:55)
  • Legitimate spiritual courage is required when you need to hear a no from your soul because you’re addicted to certain foods. (1:10:29)
  • Paul’s approach to parenting Paul Jr. was informed by his relationship to his father and a drug-addicted sibling. (1:19:27)
  • Balancing a child’s practical exposure to technology in their early education. (1:28:20)
  • Paul facing a crisis of the soul with the possibility of Angie needing a second C-section. (1:38:37)
  • A lot of illness in the today’s world is the result of listening to other people’s ideas for a direction and not taking back more responsibility for themselves. (1:45:32)

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