Personal Development

Are there parts of your life you really want to change or habits you want to break? Is now the time to put your all into pursuing your dreams? Listen to these episodes.


Episode 115 – Josh Trent: All is God

How’s your relationship with God? Are you at peace with your higher power or still waging war? Paul explores these questions with Josh Trent in this spiritual Living 4D conversation. But this is just the beginning of a three-part conversation about God that continues on Josh’s Wellness Force website. Listen, download or watch part 2 and part 3 at the attached links.


Episode 113 – Mikki Willis: The Plandemic and Your Future: What We Can Do Now!

Mikki Willis discusses his personal journey that led him to create the Plandemic series and explains why we have the power to change the world in this inquisitive Living 4D conversation.