Show Notes Episode 10 – Ben Greenfield: Biohacking: A Deeper Look

When it comes to biohacking, few people know more about it and how to deploy biohacking techniques effectively than elite athlete, podcast host and best-selling author Ben Greenfield.

Because there’s many definitions about what constitutes biohacking, Ben starts this episode by explaining what it means to him…

Show Notes

  • Ben introduced Paul to Dr. Nick Berry, his new go-to essential oils expert. (2:07)
  • Dogs may know more about biohacking than humans do. (3:00)
  • Ben defines what biohacking is to him. (6:14)
  • What’s a grinder in the biohacking world? (11:42)
  • 40-50 percent of Silicon Valley execs are microdosing a derivative of LSD. (14:13)
  • Ben celebrates the birth of his first Miso. (18:00)
  • The parallels between biohacking and alchemy. (19:44)
  • Learn how Ben normalizes his body’s circadian rhythms with some beneficial shortcuts. (23:20)
  • Why people who lived in colder countries get depressed when they moved to warmer Western climates. It’s a diet thing… (28:02)
  • Biohacks that really work, according to Ben Greenfield. (31:36)
  • Cryotherapy isn’t biohacking. (36:39)
  • Biohacking has become very commercialized. (39:26)
  • Making dietary changes to facilitate healthier winter and summer metabolisms. (44:55)
  • Paying attention to your body with meditation to relieve pain isn’t a biohack. (49:00)
  • Why do young kids and teens use steroids? (58:56)
  • Anyone interested in biohacking should give themselves this litmus test. (1:01:10)