Top Ten

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of our ten most popular episodes with Paul and his guests.


Episode 78 – David Wolfe: Inside The Mind of Alternative Health

Paul discusses the bigger picture — the forces of good and evil, the power of plant medicines as teachers and where gifted people come from — with author, Earth activist and biodynamic organic farmer David Wolfe in this wide-ranging and interplanetary Living 4D episode.


Episode 65 – Paul Chek: 2020 – How to Make it Your Best Year Ever!

Paul shares the tried and true steps he teaches his clients every day — from self-reflection and journaling to challenging your long-held beliefs that no longer work — to begin living the life of your dreams in this final Living 4D podcast for 2019.


Episode 59 – Paul Chek: Ancient Wisdom & Re-imagining Your Health and Performance Part 1

Paul discusses the various states of human consciousness and how each one of them comes with unique ways of relating to nature and even ties into the different functions of the human body, in the first of this very special two-part Living 4D podcast series.


Episode 55 – Wade Lightheart: Digestion, Enzymes, Probiotics & Enhanced Wellbeing

Wade describes his journey to winning championships and creating a very successful supplements business that began with building his own gym (not unlike the one in Rocky IV) at age 15 in rural Canada in this Living 4D conversation.


Episode 52 – Ben Greenfield: Intuitive Eating, Ego Dissolution, and Effective Parenting

The subject of ego is at the heart of Paul’s second Living 4D conversation with biohacker extraordinaire Ben Greenfield, as they wind their way through intuitive eating, lying, spiritual courage and their philosophies about free-range parenting