Chris Duffin: Building Strength That Sets You Free

How does someone rebound from a childhood catching rattlesnakes to deadlifting and squatting 1,001 pounds multiple times?

World renowned powerlifter Chris Duffin shares his true passions, how he found real strength in showing his emotions and why steroids are a lifelong problem in this inspiring Living 4D podcast.

Learn more about Chris at his website and on social media via Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

For Living 4D listeners: Chris is offering Living 4D listeners 2 months free access to his Kabuki Movement Library by using access code Chek at checkout. Save 20 percent on any order you make at Chris’ Bearfoot and Build Fast Formula websites by using the code Chek at checkout. You can also download a free audiobook of The Eagle and The Dragon: A Story of Strength and Reinvention plus one additional audiobook when you sign up with Audible.

  • Chris grew up in so much poverty that he was capturing and handling wild rattlesnakes at age 6. (4:02)
  • The origins of Kabuki Strength and Chris’ transition to exhibition weightlifting. (10:16)
  • Chris’ true passion: Building people up. (18:42)
  • How Chris dealt with addictions. (27:42)
  • The fearlessness Chris feels about expressing strong feelings, like crying, publicly. (38:31)
  • Lifting heavy weights won’t help you find the right mate, be popular or earn more respect in ways that really matter. (49:03)
  • Anti-fragile training. (1:00:49)
  • Chris describes the consequences of using steroids for a lifetime. (1:03:16)
  • Strength is resilience. (1:15:18)
  • The importance of neurological training with strength training. (1:37:34)
  • Chris is writing a book that shares his philosophies —including Kabuki — about business and life. (1:45:29)
  • “There are so many tie-ins to different aspects of life and spirituality people can explore via training but they miss those opportunities because they merely think about losing weight.” (1:54:40)
  • A shift away from group training and toward owning your own fitness. (2:03:27)
  • Chris and Paul share their philosophies on strength development for kids. (2:11:33)

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