Paul Chek: Making the Optimal Decision Every Time

Why do people have so many problems making the right decisions for themselves?

Paul describes the many processes — conscious and unconscious — that influence our ability to make optimal decisions and shares his insights on how to do it better every time in this decisive Living 4D podcast.

  • Working with plant medicines taught Paul far more than any other teacher or book. (9:45)
  • The antithesis stage of the creation cycle is where you should always expect the unexpected. (16:14)
  • Some bad choices we make are out of honest ignorance. (24:07)
  • The effects of making choices. (38:18)
  • An important tip to guide you in starting your shadow work. (43:16)
  • The three choices you can make about any person, place or thing. (47:23)
  • Don’t let your dogmas blind you to greater truths. (55:01)
  • The mind functions on archetypes. (1:00:09)
  • The levels of choice. (1:16:32)
  • What archetypes are strongest within you? (1:22:21)
  • Archetypal possession affects your choices for the worse. (1:30:19)
  • Four addictions that can derail your decisions, as defined by Angeles Arrien. (1:35:47)
  • The four functions of consciousness. (1:51:36)
  • How does the balance of your intellectual ego affect your decisions? (1:56:34)
  • Are you listening to your body to make better choices? (2:10:10)
  • Our unconscious speaks to us through our bodies. (2:16:34)
  • Don’t abuse your angels! (2:26:43)
  • Don’t beat yourself up over making bad decisions. (2:40:05)

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