Walt Thornhill: Awakening to The Electric Universe Part 2

Did the Big Bang really exist? How does science begin to explain our very existence with the help of electricity? How do you approach these big questions?

Walt Thornhill, chief science advisor for the Thunderbolts Project, returns for a second appearance to further explore the Electric Universe in this mind-blowing Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Walt’s work on Facebook, The Thunderbolts Project and holoscience.com.

  • “In my view, the 20th century will be regarded as a failure, setting science back by more than a century.” (13:26)
  • Defining subtle energy. (18:22)
  • The origins of life in the universe. (26:45)
  • The Electric Universe model applies across so many different fields. (36:45)
  • Consciousness and thought in the Electric Universe. (48:24)
  • No one is born a blank slate. (55:31)
  • “The universe is more and more like a great thought, rather than a great machine.” Sir James Jeans (1:01:47)
  • Gravity in the Electric Universe. (1:10:11)
  • Differences between negative and positive polarities. (1:29:25)
  • “The Electric Universe is the touchstone for growing up and behaving like useful citizens of the universe.” (1:36:25)
  • How does the Electric Universe explain the unexplainable? (1:44:55)
  • What passes for modern science turns on the fads and fashions of the day like anything else. (1:58:35)
  • Not assuming myths are fiction helped Walt develop the Electric Universe model. (2:10:35)
  • The next great discoveries in the Electric Universe. (2:16:24)

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