Eileen McKusick: Tuning the Human Biofield

Do you know sound affects human healing? Did you know there are multiple definitions for sound?

Learn about the ability to heal through sound from Eileen McKusick, a pioneer and teacher in the human biofield, therapeutic sound and electric health, in this very acoustic Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Eileen and her work at Biofield Tuning, her YouTube channel and on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

Just for Living 4D listeners: Eileen is giving a free video session called The Knees: Getting Unstuck.

  • Sound has different definitions. (5:28)
  • Eileen discovers sound healing. (11:58)
  • Eileen’s sound breakthrough with the human biofield started with a family dinner. (29:53)
  • Examining the human biofield is like dropping a needle on a record spinning on a turntable. (42:52)
  • How does distance healing work? It’s all about aether… (53:54)
  • The purpose of biofield tuning: Restoring our body to its factory settings. (59:52)
  • What having a sound mind and body really means. (1:04:58)
  • Finding the amazing greatness in all of us. (1:17:37)
  • Using tuning forks with the body is a lot like a conversation, a call and response between the two. (1:40:32)
  • Eileen has felt like a tow truck driver helping her clients get unstuck. (1:55:37)
  • Group sessions created healing not only for her clients but Eileen too. (2:01:01)
  • The words and thoughts people use to describe themselves are just as helpful and harmful to their health and prosperity. (2:14:33)
  • Do photons exist? (2:27:14)
  • Eileen’s new book on electric health. (2:35:51)

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