Episode 105 – Michael Holt: The Savage and the Saint

How does the student become a gifted teacher, leader and role model for others?

CHEK Professional Michael Holt describes how he got there through his work with spiritual teachers (including Paul) and the power of meditation in this very contemplative Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Michael’s work at Savage and Saint and his work with men’s groups at Tribe Men’s Community. Find out more about him Instagram too.

  • Michael and Paul compare their bad ass histories. (6:16)
  • Martial arts: The cultivation of an intelligent body. (13:36)
  • “There is no option not to practice something.” (24:31)
  • The most courageous calling for men. (33:32)
  • How Michael gravitated to meditation and what he’s learned from his mentors. (52:16)
  • Meditation is not unlike giving your mind a chew toy. (1:07:39)
  • Michael describes his relationship with Shinzen Young. (1:16:14)
  • Confronting the existential questions. (1:27:29)
  • Enlightened people can be ferocious and grumpy. (1:35:45)
  • Using cold as a concentration accelerant. (1:45:26)
  • Paul’s impact on Michael’s work and life. (1:54:56)
  • Moving closer to your purpose. (2:04:17)
  • Making art: Adding life to life. (2:16:01)
  • Michael defines manhood: Vulnerability as strength. (2:26:05)
  • Plant medicines aren’t a shortcut to figuring out you. (2:34:21)
  • Osho and Rudolf Steiner agree on their approach to students. (2:47:03)

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