Is positive thinking all just a load of BS? You’ve probably run into people who think so.

OSHO – a famous philosopher and spiritual teacher, and one of our Founder, Paul Chek’s major influences – seems to think so. You can read a quick summary of OSHO’s arguments against positive thinking here: ‘A Zen master explains why “positive thinking” is terrible advice’.

In the first of my interviews with Paul (and I can’t believe it’s taken us so long to have one of these!), he tackles OSHO’s criticisms and uses the discussion to draw some deeper conclusions about how we view and respond to the “Gurus” in our lives.

Watch the full interview:

So have a watch and chime in below. What do you think? Who do you think is right? What’s the benefit to positive thinking – if any?

“Paul Vs. OSHO on Positive Thinking” Audio File

There is so much worth listening to in this interview, so please take the conversation with you! Here’s the audio file for you to download:

Download “Paul Vs. OSHO on Positive Thinking”.