Why do you choose the foods you eat every day? Do you consume just enough to feel full, or are you constantly treating every meal like it’s your last?

The answer could be as simple as β€œI was hungry and ________ was close by,” or β€œ________ just tastes good.”

For too many people, however, factors separate from physical hunger trigger those choices, and they’re often bad ones.

The most common culprit: Using food as a way to fill something within you – an always empty void in your spirit — that is starving. This may certainly explain why you’re making frequent trips to all-you-can-eat buffets filled to the brim with dead foods in a never-ending search for brief comfort, instead of looking within for answers.

CHEK Faculty Member Warren Williams goes into greater depth on the emotional roots of eating in our latest video conversation.

Are you truly present when you eat your meals? Are you unconsciously or consciously incompetent when it comes to eating?

You’ll learn about the four stages of conscious awareness and how this model can help you figure out when and why you’re eating foods out of emotional starvation, then begin to make healthy changes that support your mind, body and spirit.