Relationships & Sexuality

Listen to Paul and his guests discuss how you can cultivate a healthy relationship and sex life in this collection of episodes.


Episode 148 — Dr. Nathan Riley: The Doctor of Birth, Life and Death

Dr. Nathan Riley sheds light on the state of OB/GYN care in America, why a woman should train for her pregnancy and what fathers can do to support their partners in this Living 4D conversation.


Episode 147 — Mark Wolynn: DNA: Are Our Ancestors Acting Through Us?

Paul explores the world of inherited family traumas and how we can begin to end that cycle of pain with one of the world’s noted experts, Mark Wolynn, in this soulful Living 4D conversation.


Episode 112 – The Women Take Over

What does it mean for a woman to own 2021? How are the challenges different for women compared to their male counterparts? Learn how from the experts at the CHEK Institute — Nicole Devaney, Amy Fournier, Jo Rushton, Ashley Mazurek, Angie Chek and Sara Gustafson — in a panel moderated by Penny Crozier, in this very lively and powerful Living 4D group discussion.


Episode 90 – Dr. Keith Witt: Seeing the World and Love Through Integral Psychology

Dr. Keith Witt shares his five dimensions for building successful relationships and takes on the big questions — racism, violence and radical acceptance — in this expansive and therapeutic Living 4D conversation.


Episode 38 – Dr. Keesha Ewers: The Sex Doctor

Dr. Keesha Ewers talks intimately about her journey that began as a quest to find answers to her rheumatoid arthritis at age 30, eventually leading her to the world of integrative medicine and becoming a renowned expert in sexology in this very special Living 4D episode.


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