When Fat Becomes FamiliarBeing overweight can be a lot like wearing a familiar set of clothes. Even if those clothes are in bad shape, there’s still a feeling of control, security, and warmth in them.

Your body weight can have the same comforting, familiar effect. We get used to a body weight and seeing ourselves a certain way in the mirror. There’s a sense of comfort and stability in our body weight, even when it’s overweight.

So, when you realize that all of this fat is harming your health and needs to go, it can be incredibly hard because you’re fighting the physical battle to lose the weight as well as the mental and emotional battle against losing what’s familiar.

Once you’ve gotten to that healthier place it’s challenging to stay there. The pull of the familiar (whether it’s your own sense of your weight or the reactions of those around you) is hard to resist. That’s why you often see so many people regain what weight they’ve lost with a vengeance.

In our latest conversation on the CHEK Blog, Jator Pierre discusses his compelling personal story about being obese as a child and his internal and external struggles with weight loss that led to some pretty extreme choices.

Jator presents some great personal insights to support a healthy weight-loss journey, as there can be big disconnections between what we perceive in the mirror and what’s really there.

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