How to Lose Body Fat and Keep It OffIf you listen to most diet experts, or the prevailing opinion in most of our culture, fat loss is really simple. Eat less, move more. And if you’re not losing weight, you’re really just lazy.

But losing body fat and keeping it off is FAR more difficult and complex than most people realize — including all thoseΒ “diet experts” — as you can see in this Obesity System Influence Diagram.

In our newest video for the CHEK Blog, Jator Pierre and I discuss two critical factors at work behind the scenes that make fat loss such a challenge:

  • Our hunter-gatherer ancestry that constantly reminds our bodies to treat food as scarce.
  • The “fat thermostat” our bodies have that tells us when we need to be more active or when we need to eat.

With our society drowning in a “sea of food” — grocery stores, restaurants and coffee shops sitting on most street corners — those ancestral needs in conjunction with our fat thermostat go askew, priming our bodies to become used to higher amounts of fat than we really need.

In the face of those complexities, JatorΒ provides some simple tips you can use TODAY to train your brain to make food far less seductive and to help you keep the pounds off.

Watch our conversation below or take it with you by downloading it as a podcast!

“Why Macros Don’t Matter in Fat Loss” Audio File

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