Gary Crozier: From Pain Teacher to Dream Weaver: How to Turn Challenge Into Opportunity

The life of Gary Crozier has been a harrowing one full of pain, numerous health challenges and 16 major surgeries. At any point along this journey, Gary could’ve stopped. Many people would’ve, but Gary isn’t just your average human.

Gary describes his journey from painful to pain-free living and how he became a world-renowned trainer then developed PtEnhance, the first software tailored for the needs of health and fitness professionals and their clients, in this inspirational Living 4D conversation.

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  • Gary went from being a “case study” to an award-winning personal trainer and CHEK Professional. (6:50)
  • Sixteen major surgeries. (17:30)
  • The origins of PtEnhance. (33:10)
  • Are you open to synchronicities? (44:51)
  • One of the biggest challenges fitness professionals face: Writing a program scientifically. (49:32)
  • Rather than paying attention to pain you’re feeling, focus on where you’re not feeling it to survive. (1:05:14)
  • The benefits of mitigating risks, having a plan B and managing your ego as a fitness professional. (1:17:52)
  • Are you asking the right/better questions? (1:25:10)
  • “What saved me: When I learned to say the business rather than my business. When I was saying my business, it owned me… .” (1:45:37)
  • Success in life may be partly dictated by your ability to change and adapt. (1:54:10)
  • Anger can be a positive emotion, if it prompts you to change. (2:02:35)

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