Paul Chek: Evolve Your Career

What is your dream career? How do you get there from where you are now? How do you live a fulfilling life if you don’t know what your life’s dream is?

In this final episode in his Evolve series of podcasts, Paul answers all of these questions and offers a number of practical techniques to set you on the path to building a career that is meaningful, sustainable and financially viable.

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  • Your vocation is a calling of the heart. (12:37)
  • “A business is a viable financial entity that makes money without you. Anything else is a job.” (14:07)
  • A career is a job with a fancier title. (16:48)
  • A legacy is what you create each day of your life. (17:40)
  • Your legacy is a gift bringing lots of challenges that become labors of love. (23:20)
  • It can take 35-50 years of living to find your legacy. (27:58)
  • “Your dreams are a snapshot of your future.” (29:39)
  • The impossibility wall concept. (37:07)
  • Paul’s early work as a tree faller. (46:47)
  • Paul’s lack of a college degree didn’t stop him from following his dreams and being successful (56:16)
  • Overcoming “ant infections.” (1:02:33)
  • Following your dream may mean doing jobs you don’t like. (1:10:02)
  • Many people are more fearful of success than failure. (1:13:39)
  • Our programmed beliefs limit our freedom more than anything else. (1:23:26)
  • Myths help us understand our place in nature, our tribes and the universe. (1:30:18)
  • Lethargy can be as powerful as fear. (1:34:07)
  • Is being fit and healthy abnormal? (1:36:35)
  • Study the lives of people you want to emulate. (1:43:13)
  • “You can only take with you what you become in this lifetime.” (1:52:28)
  • Prioritize your goals in three areas. (1:53:40)
  • The 10 components of creating a legacy and living your dream. (1:59:55)
  • Paul didn’t discover his dream until he started working as a trainer of the U.S. Army Boxing team. (2:01:29)
  • What would you really do if you had no limitations? (2:06:18)
  • If you want to be a millionaire, how much responsibility are you willing to handle? (2:21:07)
  • Create a mind map of these 10 components to build your legacy. (2:25:35)
  • Align your interests wisely. (2:28:54)
  • Only 2 percent of people discover their legacy. (2:31:51)
  • “Religion can either be very supportive to your dream or it can be very antagonistic.” (2:35:29)
  • Understanding your dream helps you in job interviews. (2:43:41)

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