Ernst Wilhelm: REAL Astrology

Do you believe in astrology or are you skeptical about the insights these practices offer?

Noted Vedic astrologer Ernst Wilhelm describes his first experience with astrology — a promised chart that never happened — that led him on a lifelong journey of discovery and explains how to get the most out of a reading in this transcendent Living 4D conversation.

To purchase a customized report about your relationships, compatibility or finances from Ernst, visit his Vault of Heavens website. Find any of his books (including the free Energies of the 27 Nakshatras), software and audio work at his Vedic Astrology website.

Learn more about Ernst’s work on his YouTube channel, his Cards of Truth website and Astrology Videos website.

  • “Astrology is never at fault. It’s always the astrologer who makes the mistakes.” (13:55)
  • Astrology cured Ernst’s love problems. (26:16)
  • Big differences between Western and Eastern astrology. (35:19)
  • “Energy is intelligence in an astronomical world.” (44:12)
  • The completely different schools of astrology. (49:58)
  • Currently, we’re living in the age of psychology where women are more important to the health of society than men. (57:10)
  • “By the time we get done with this age, all this stuff we call technology won’t exist.” (1:03:50)
  • Connecting your chakra system with energy, the sun and the Zodiac. (1:10:53)
  • The Sun: The soul of the universe in astrology. (1:22:58)
  • Our minds are processing old news and wounded information passed on from others. (1:38:17)
  • The best approach for getting the most out of astrology: Show up with no intention. (1:44:46)
  • Listening to the inner voice of your soul: The only good habit you must follow and the only chance we have for happiness. (1:50:28)
  • I Ching: Our energy potential. (2:00:46)
  • Archetypes, relationships and astrology. (2:11:23)
  • Is reading your horoscope in the newspaper really a good thing? (2:28:29)
  • The 12 houses of the Zodiac. (2:36:44)
  • Medical astrology. (2:46:48)
  • A lot of lack in the world in 2022. (2:52:27)
  • Who provides real authority in our lives? (2:59:53)
  • Ernst’s nuclear dream. (3:11:09)

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