Ben Greenfield: Living Well, Parenting and Learning

Whenever Ben Greenfield connects with Paul for another Living 4D podcast, the sky is the limit on what those two will talk about…

Ben Greenfield shares his insights on quitting books, preparing kids for adulthood, trauma and the many uses of tobacco in foods in this wide-ranging Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Ben’s work on his website and Facebook. Download his free book, Fit Soul: Tools, Tactics and Habits for Optimizing Spiritual Fitness, then take a look at Boundless. Check out Ben’s line of Zion products here.

  • The energetic benefits of BioGeometry in the home. (3:20)
  • The body holds onto memories of trauma. (15:41)
  • The power of breathing. (28:54)
  • How the pyramids were built. (36:16)
  • Ben and Paul talk tobacco. (47:58)
  • Paul’s next book. (1:02:22)
  • Preparing children for adulthood. (1:10:05)
  • Connecting to the souls of unborn children. (1:22:12)
  • The intellectual drive versus the spiritual drive. (1:35:14)
  • Have you quit a book lately? (1:42:04)
  • The head can be an ineffective compass. (1:51:39)

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