Jared Pickard: Biodynamics and Your Living Skin

What are the differences between organic farming and biodynamic farming?

Jared Pickard shares his journey from the NYSE to biodynamic farming in this natural Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Be Here Farm + Nature in St. Helena, Calif., at their website and on Instagram.

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  • Jared grows the best cannabis biodynamically that Paul has ever tried. (16:56)
  • Food as medicine. (22:03)
  • Being introduced to Paul’s 4 Doctors philosophies transformed Jared’s life personally and professionally. (24:07)
  • Differences between regenerative/biodynamic farming and typical industrial farming and organic farming. (34:59)
  • Biodiversity: The amount of life forms in a habitat. (47:11)
  • Where does nature stop and humanity begin? (51:54)
  • Why is Christmas celebrated on Dec. 25? (1:06:04)
  • The origins of biodynamic farming begin with Rudolf Steiner. (1:11:09)
  • How the helical model of our solar system affects our planet and farming. (1:25:17)
  • Using homeopathic medicines in biodynamic farming before planting a single crop. (1:43:16)
  • Our connection to nature. (2:02:59)
  • A sign of “smart” ag: Your tractor needs software updates. (2:21:39)

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