Mikki Willis: The Plandemic and Your Future: What We Can Do Now!

What do you really know about who’s behind the controversial Plandemic documentary series?

Mikki Willis discusses his personal journey that led him to create the Plandemic series and explains why we have the power to change the world in this inquisitive Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Mikki’s work with the Elevate Family Project on YouTube, and follow him on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

  • Catalysts that pushed Mikki to risk doing the Plandemic documentary series. (5:37)
  • Origins of COVID-19. (13:14)
  • Weaponized morality. (26:05)
  • Shedding old beliefs starts with questioning everything. (34:59)
  • One possible model to make the world work better for all of us. (48:18)
  • The power of bartering our real talents. (1:07:07)
  • Who will save the world? Us. (1:17:44)
  • “We created the internet to understand our connectivity and the potential we have.” (1:26:44)
  • Becoming a better father. (1:37:33)
  • Mikki’s next film. (1:46:06)

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