Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Vaccines: Life, Disability or Death?

Whenever people all over the world discuss the safety and need for vaccines, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is right in the thick of the debate as one of the go-to experts in the anti-vaccine movement.

This is – no doubt – going to be a controversial episode of the podcast, but we think you’ll see just how passionate Dr. Tenpenny is and why she is so passionate as the discussion with Paul unfolds.

If you are interested in learning more about vaccinations and their potential health risks, Dr. Tenpenny has generously offered all Living 4D with Paul Chek listeners the opportunity to be the first in line to register for her online Mastering Vaccine Info Bootcamp which begins on February 21st.

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  • Dr. Tenpenny grew up in a family of chiropractors. (3:49)
  • Hyper-immunization due to too many tetanus shots. (5:19)
  • 65 = The number of approved vaccines in America. (8:45)
  • The vaccines era starts with variolation. (12:48)
  • Edward Jenner, inventor of the smallpox vaccination. (15:50)
  • The birth of the anti-vaccine movement. (23:25)
  • As a paratrooper, Paul received a series of 23 vaccinations three times in two years (25:00)
  • Paul confronting vaccines head-on with the birth of Mana (32:33)
  • What’s synergistic toxicity? (38:32)
  • Effective is not a synonym for protection from vaccines. (39:49)
  • 54: The number of vaccines a teenager has received. (43:40)
  • The big difference between a disease and an infection. (47:37)
  • A tip for new Moms about the producing milk the first time for their babies. (50:44)
  • How vaccines disrupt the gut microbiome. (57:45)
  • Are we reaching the last generation of healthy kids? (1:03:25)
  • The hidden factors in America’s recent population decline. (1:05:00)
  • Why are teenage male athletes using Viagra? (1:08:05)
  • Put the vaccine question on the table if you’re seriously thinking about marrying your partner. (1:09:24)
  • Where cognitive dissonance and vaccines collide. (1:13:39)
  • A defining moment for Dr. Tenpenny in 2002. (1:19:50)
  • The threatened pulling of a travel visa to Australia that put the anti-vaccine movement on the world stage. (1:25:52)
  • Vaccines are not medicines. (1:33:16)
  • The list of injuries that can be attributed to vaccines is long. (1:34:11)
  • The economic loss-leader and cost-driver of the pharmaceutical industry. (1:38:33)
  • The hundredth monkey effect with vaccines. (1:51:50)
  • The origins of “herd immunity.” (2:01:12)
  • “The pharmaceutical industry rules everybody in every country.” (2:13:01)
  • Only one country besides America allows pharmaceutical ads in the world. (2:20:47)
  • Glyphosate is finding its way into vaccines. (2:24:15)
  • Dr. Tenpenny wants people to stop asking her which vaccines are the safest or worst. (2:27:45)
  • The history of thimerosal. (2:33:08)
  • Why boys are harmed more often by vaccines. (2:42:10)

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