Kaedrich Olsen: The Norse/Viking Path of Spiritual Development and Deep Connection

Is your knowledge of Vikings and Norse legends limited to what you’ve seen in movies and TV shows? And, what about their use of ancient runes?

Internationally renowned expert Kaedrich Olsen shares his depth of knowledge about all things Nordic and the paranormal along with how runes can be used to unlock your potential for growth in this ethereal Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Kaedrich on his website and GaldraKraft. Find him on social media via FacebookInstagram and YouTube (also via GaldraKraft).

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  • An accurate definition of a Viking. (5:44)
  • Debunking the myths of Norse history that weren’t much different than modern Rambo movies. (12:02)
  • Kaedrich’s psychic development and first contact with runes soon led to his life’s true calling at age 13. (21:34)
  • “One of the fun things I love about Norse culture, both modern and ancient: There is no one way to pin it down.” (31:35)
  • Extraterrestrials, religions and Nordic traditions. (40:40)
  • Differences between the astral realm and interdimensional beings. (54:43)
  • Kaedrich’s secret goal. (1:18:08)
  • Nordic beliefs about sexuality and polyamory vs. monogamy. (1:24:35)
  • Paul and Kaedrich debate love as the highest spiritual value. (1:37:59)
  • Liminal space. (1:56:57)
  • Finding a comfortable place between hubris and humility. (2:13:42)
  • The real goal of a teacher: Liberation, not salvation. (2:24:16)
  • How the Norse defined mind and spirit. (2:35:26)
  • The basis of magic and what separates hard reality from soft reality. (2:53:50)
  • Runes as psychological archetypes. (3:03:17)
  • Create your own runes. (3:10:27)

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