Juicing your foods may be an ideal way to condense and extract nutrients from veggies and fruits, especially if you have problems eating enough of them every day.

It seems simple enough. Buy some good organic whole foods and a juicing machine and find some recipes and you’re ready to go.

But is juicing the right thing for your health?

The gifts of cleansing the blood, lymphatic and intercellular fluids and neutralizing toxins are the biggest advantages juicing offers, but only when it’s done intelligently, as CHEK Faculty Member Jo Rushton explains in our video conversation.

Some consider fasting as a means to lose weight without considering some of the detrimental effects, for example, the potential for blood sugar crashes.

It takes a lot of work and planning to incorporate juicing into your routine in a healthy way that complements an existing healthy diet, Jo says.

During the course of our conversation, Jo shares some important tips to help you approach juicing carefully from a health standpoint and finding the right foods and tools to be successful.