Imagine this.

A biodynamic farmer’s crop is not growing as “planned” or “expected”. His harvest is coming, but the farmer is full of many fears – about money, food, and family. His consciousness is lost in future thinking.

The farmer contemplates using fertilizer to speed nature’s processes, but that goes directly against all he values.  The farmer knows that if he uses chemical fertilizers his crop may come as “planned”, but his crop will not be biodynamic. He will destroy his soil and his crop will not be as nutrient rich or as “happy”.

The farmer decides to trust Great Spirit.  The crop never comes to harvest.  The farmer loses money, and many of his fears come to fruition. He experiences “hard times”, but the farmer learns much from them, and finds purpose in them. The family weathers the storm and the next harvest is “unexpectedly” perfect again.

Now, apply this scenario to your relationships.

We are biodynamic farmers of self/Self; we have ego “plans” that do not always turn out the way we expect.

We think, harvest is coming! Fears arise, anxiety settles in and we get lost in the past/future rather than being present in the moment.

A part of us may think of pressuring/seducing others to get what we want (adding chemical fertilizer to our relationships).

Maybe the “conscious” path says if we pressure/seduce others to meet our wants/needs we may end up with very resentful, emotionally disconnected relationships (dead soil, nutrient empty, unhappy crops).

We may not get what the ego wants and this may be perceived as “hard times”, but we will always get exactly what the ego needs in terms of lessons and experience.  We can then turn the “hard time” perceived by the ego into periods of great personal evolution, growth, and purpose.

We can also embrace the difficulty of the situation without using deflection. “Everything is the way it should be” becomes “a part of me is feeling angry, resentful, unheard, and another part of me is curious to find the greater purpose behind my feelings and the situation”.

In my experience every moment is perfect from a higher perspective, but many of those moments expose me to my ego’s perceived needs not being met, which, to parts of me, can feel imperfect.

My daily “play” with self/Self is to find balance between the multiple realities that dance throughout my consciousness. Balance for me is dynamic, not static. It is perpetually shifting and adjusting and continually finding homeostasis within. It’s embracing the journey of “Jator” and embracing the entire spectrum of emotional expression and realities.

I invite you to try the same on your own journey.

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