It’s a sad fact that many strategies people follow to alleviate stress often start and end with taking a drug. Those approaches make assumptions that people have no innate ability to do anything to relieve stress on their own.

In this video, I want to share a very different methodology, based on our natural abilities to tap into our innate biological wisdom β€” a biological computer filled with billions of years of knowledge and experience β€” to make smarter decisions related to handling stress.

I believe our human/neocortical brains are distracted by fancy tricks that work against our nature, and we suppress and ignore the wisdom rising from within ourselves (often by medicating them away).

These tricks do make the problem go away for a little while, but they never last and leave us feeling more confused and powerless than ever.

My approach is based on the model of the triune brain developed more than 60 years ago by the late Paul MacLean, with an emphasis on the reptilian brain.

Love and chi,