I have never found a deeper or more radical teacher in my life than Rumi, one of the greatest poets who has ever lived. To say his ancient teachings continue to have profound effect on my life and my soul would be an understatement…

I never imagined I would know anyone who lives, breathes and paints Rumi as much as I did until I met fellow San Diego resident and recent Living 4D guest Ari Honarvar.

Literally, Ari grew up with Rumi in her blood. One of the most vivid memories of Ari’s childhood was reciting Rumi poetry as she watched missiles flying over her head during the eight-year Iran-Iraq War that ended in summer of 1988. Even a door slamming shut in her home prompted terror.

“At any moment we could live or die, yet those were really beautiful, peaceful moments, so there was no fear of death.”

For most of the people around her, trust was the last thing on their minds. However, for Ari, trust was and is her regular state of mind.

In this very special video, Ari shares Rumi’s poem about trust in her native Farsi and English and we discuss what this concept really means to both of us.

Love and chi,