Are you taking the necessary time each week to plan how you will support Dr. Quiet in your life?

Maybe, the more important question to be asking: Are you totally and consciously clear about your core values regarding Dr. Quiet?

As I describe in my e-book, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need, your mind and body need three kinds of rest — total, active and passive — to function optimally every day.

Getting clear about Dr. Quiet in relation to your core values guides you in how to structure your days and feed your body and mind with the downtime of low-stress activities it needs to respond to important questions.

Sometimes, all it takes is a short walk or a tai chi session to support your Dr. Quiet core values. For example, taking cold showers and creating art without a preconceived expectation or outcome (forget being perfect) help me to get into a mindless state.

For you, embracing Dr. Quiet may mean sitting in a park being surrounded by nature or listening to music.

I go into greater detail in my video to describe what I do to give my body what it needs to be productive and to protect my health, not to mention the many benefits surrounding sleep.

You can also learn a lot more about Dr. Quiet by checking out my Fastest Way to Health video series too!

Love and chi,