For some of you who haven’t explored my 4 Doctors philosophies before, you may be wondering how Dr. Quiet contributes to my Fastest Way to Health series.

Dr. Quiet challenges the way you approach sleep, not as a minor inconvenience that prevents you from getting things done but as an essential component to your good health.

Here’s four basic questions you need to be asking yourself about sleep:

  1. Are you taking sleep seriously?
  2. Are you paying attention to your sleep times and surroundings?
  3. Are you spending enough time sleeping every night?
  4. Are you taking steps to protect your body and health so that a good night’s sleep is even possible?

Generally, I’ve met very few people who can function well and maintain good health by sleeping less than eight hours every night.

This video gives you some important and very basic tips on how to improve your sleep hygiene, along with resources you can use to protect the environment around you.

As I’ve said before, this series gives you an important opportunity to be honest with yourself about your health and do resets where your health demands it.

Sleep is a health issue most people don’t take nearly as seriously as they should. After watching my video, you’ll have tools and encouragement to look sleep in a brand new and healthier way.

Love and chi,