Zen in the Garden

How To Build A Water Charger and Build A Rock Body!

June 29, 2019  |  San Diego, CA

Live with Paul Chek

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Would you like to learn how to work with nature to greatly enhance the energy and healing power of your water? Would you like to learn to use stone lifting to build a Rock Body – A body of functional strength, balance, agility, coordination, and functional strength while also learning to tap into your soul’s guidance and experience dynamic meditation as unbound play?

If you said “YES” to either of these questions, then this special event 1-day workshop with Paul Chek is just what you’ve been dreaming of!

All About Zen in the Garden

What would your life be like if you didn’t feel alone and always had the support of your Higher-self, your body, and could read the language of nature – the creative unconscious?

Zen in the Garden with Paul is a unique offering for participants to learn first hand how they can create balance, beauty, joy and peace in their lives. In this unique one-day workshop, Paul will teach you how to let your soul guide you, access your instincts, and connect to the wisdom of nature as you co-create with Her.

Zen in the Garden is an opportunity to spend time with Paul in an intimate, small group setting. This unique experience is only offered on rare occasions and now is your chance to live and learn with Paul for a day.


The workshop will begin with harmonization exercises to calm and center us individually, and as a group. From a state of inner-harmony, Paul will teach you how to access soul guidance so that you can work with your soul in the creation of rock and nature art.

Learning To Build A Water-Charger

In this special Zen in the Garden workshop, Paul will show you how to build a water charger that can work on a variety of scales so most anyone can use the technology, even an apartment building in the city. Here is how Paul learned about charging water and how to create a water-charger:

In 2006, while engaged in my active meditation of creating stone sculptures, my soul began giving me visions and guidance on how to use stones to charge and structure my water. I followed her guidance, and was amazed at the results!

I began by testing the water placed in my stone water-charger for 24 hours against the same water that wasn’t charged so I could clearly discern the difference. I was amazed! The water from the stone-charger was much more energetic, and as I drank it, I could feel my energy going up, my body relaxing, and my mind clearing. I then tried my control water, which was from the same source and also in a glass bottle. It was “wet”….it was good water, but it was still “water” compared to the charged water.

As the weeks went by, I began noticing that sometimes, the water tasted like soil, sometimes a bit metallic, sometimes, it was as though it was going right through my tongue it was so yin, and other times,  I was shocked because it bubbled in my mouth, as though carbonated; the first time this happened, I thought Palomar Water had delivered me the wrong bottle!

I was perplexed as to how the taste of the soil, or metals in the earth could possibly be penetrating a 5-gallon glass bottle, so I asked my soul how this was happening? When I asked the question, I was unloading a fresh bottle of water from my water-charger at night. After asking the question, I felt a subtle energy directing me to look up….the moon was shining brightly on me and the water-charger. My soul said, “follow the moon cycle and pay attention to how the water changes.”

I purchased a moon calendar showing the phase of the moon for each day of the year, and sure enough, within one moon cycle, I could track the changes in the taste and energetics of the water to the cycle of the moon! I was amazed! I found that I could use the water like a homeopathic to counterbalance specific energetic imbalances, such as being too tired, or combating inflammation from hard training.

After many years of being present with the process and tracking the moon phases, and other environmental influences, such as how much sun there was, how hot it was, what the general weather patterns were, when there was thunder or lightening in the area, or what season of the year it was, I had a potent realization…Drinking charged water created by stones and being connected to the earth in my own area was providing my body with key information and energies from the environment that essentially programmed my cells to be in tune with the environment and seasonal energies. I was getting regular downloads of the base operational software Mother Nature provides to keep our cells tune to the area, the earth, the sun, the galaxy, and the cosmos at large. I’m very confident that my water has a stabilizing, stress reducing, harmonizing effect on my body, and all my patients, clients, and students that I’ve taught this technology to have had the same experiences.  

How To Build A Rock Body!

Over and over again, elite athletes who have trained or coached with Paul have expressed their amazement that at Paul’s “advanced age” (58 in August!), he can match and often exceed their performance in the gym, and many have been amazed that he can lift and stack stones that they can’t even get off the ground!

Naturally, they always ask, “How the hell can you still train like this at your age?”

Paul’s secret? To live in tune with his 4 Doctors (Dr. Happiness, Dr. Diet, Dr. Movement, and Dr. Quiet), and doing regular conditioning with stones. Once they’ve tried stone lifting with Paul, they “get it!”

Stone lifting is very dynamic, requires deep presence and awareness, balance, coordination, agility, functional strength, and enhances creativity and our childlike expression of ourselves. Stone work can be adjusted so that anyone can participate at their own level, or can get challenging enough to tax even the most strong and powerful athletes and strongmen.

In this special Zen in the Garden event, Paul will teach everyone the essential lessons of stone lifting and guide you through key methods of developing your body, athletic abilities, creative expression, and dynamic meditation with stones.

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