About Us

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The C.H.E.K Institute offers fitness and healthcare professionals a uniquely integrated and holistic approach to health, fitness and well-being. Whether you wish to advance your professional development at home with correspondence courses – both DVD and 100% online – books, audio programs and DVDs, or attend a live seminar or multi-day training programs, the C.H.E.K Institute is the place to help you further your skills and knowledge.

The C.H.E.K Institute’s approach to functional exercise and optimal health was developed by the founder, Paul Chek and is based on his 30 years of clinical practice working with clients from all walks of life, as well as his diverse educational background as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Neuromuscular and Sports Massage Therapist. Paul’s methods are truly holistic, viewing the body as a system of systems – a fully integrated unit where physical, hormonal, mental, emotional and spiritual components must be considered.

The C.H.E.K Institute’s four Advanced Training Programs include CHEK Exercise Coach, the four-level C.H.E.K Practitioner Program, the Golf Performance Specialist Program and the three-level CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Program. Whether your interests are corrective exercise, sports-specific conditioning, post-rehabilitation, lifestyle modification, stress management or holistic nutrition, the C.H.E.K Institute has a program that will interest you!