Show Notes Episode 69 – Paul Chek: Ego, Instinct and the Pain of Love

Are you having trouble managing the challenges presented by the patients you encounter every day as a health coach?

Paul offers his insights as he describes the four kinds of patients you’ll see and how to work with them better in part 2 of his Living 4D series on the Pain Teacher.

As you listen to this episode, you’ll learn very quickly that the patients you work with are real people dealing with real challenges, just like you…

Show Notes

  • There are four types of patients (people) in the world. (2:50)
  • The first type of patients: People who listen to their coaches, therapists or doctors. (5:23)
  • The second type of patients: People whose egos are so inflated, they won’t listen to anyone. (6:18)
  • The third type of patients: People who are neurotics and hypochondriacs. (12:01)
  • The fourth kind of patients: People whose time has come to leave the Earth has come. (16:06)
  • The meaning of recurring dreams. (24:43)
  • Pain: The most powerful reprogramming agent of the human nervous system. (30:57)
  • An example of Paul’s ego getting in the way when working with others. (35:29)
  • Have you worked with someone who had a fear of success? (44:58)
  • The relationships with your parents matter. (49:08)
  • Are you capable of having challenging relationships with people who are trying to help you? (52:51)
  • What neurotics and hypochondriacs can learn from the Pain Teacher. (59:44)
  • The incidence of heart disease in men could be tied to love relationships, often with spouses or coworkers. (1:06:30)
  • “Because the mind is like a garbage disposal, thinking is antagonistic to intuition.” (1:16:40)
  • Helping a client bring healthy closure to their life. (1:27:29)