Show Notes Episode 41 – Dean Taraborelli: Addiction – An Insider’s Story of Healing

Why do some people battle with addictions their entire lives while others make a full recovery?

The key to healing, like most physical dis-eases, is something far deeper and more targeted than a 12-step program built like conventional medicine to treat everyone for a variety of problems that never really get solved.

Dean Taraborelli describes his 30-year journey from addiction to recovery that led him to create the Sanctuary at Sedona in this revealing Living 4D episode.

Learn more about the Sanctuary’s approach to helping people recover in his free ebook, Be Recovered: Transformational Healing Through Integrative Addiction Recovery by Dean and Kelley Alexander.

Show Notes

  • Dean’s problems with addictions started when he was a very young teenager. (4:50)
  • No one close to Dean really knew how deeply his life was harmed by drug abuse and addictions until the bitter end. (10:51)The health of your gut and inflammation may be a determining factor for addictions. (17:48)
  • Understanding how epigenetics affects human health and treating addictions. (27:57)
  • “Many of us have lost track of or lost confidence in our deep sense of our own intuition and what’s right or not for us.” (35:11)
  • What is iatrogenesis? (38:37)
  • Most kids are largely programmed and conditioned by their parents by age 8. (48:40)
  • Dean’s addiction was a wakeup call from his soul leading him to what he does today at the Sanctuary. (52:39)
  • What is your higher power? (59:23)
  • “Being normal in a dysfunctional society is not necessarily a good reflection of what it’s like to be healthy.” (1:05:21)
  • The uneasy state of the external world may play a huge role in unresolved emotional problems. (1:09:10)
  • “Everybody’s got an addiction to their belief system.” (1:13:40)
  • Dean’s definitions of addiction. (1:16:42)
  • The role religion plays in addiction and the blame game with women. (1:24:47)
  • The five deeper reasons people seek help from their addictions. (1:38:41)
  • Differences between the mind and brain. (1:41:35)
  • Moving from recovery to “being recovered” is the ability to learn from hard life lessons. (1:49:19)
  • The telltale signs of addiction. (1:57:08)