Show Notes Episode 14 – Kyle Kingsbury: Taking The Hero’s Journey

Joseph Campbell’s epic Hero’s Journey comes up quite often in Living 4D, but what is it really like to live that kind of life?

Former UFC Fighter, Director of Human Optimization at Onnit and podcasting star Kyle Kingsbury talks about his own Hero’s Journey that began with an aborted suicide attempt at the end of his Division 1 college football career at Arizona State…

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Show Notes

  • Learn about the Hero’s Journey as seen through Kyle’s life experiences. (5:28)
  • Fighting with kids as he was going growing up in Silicon Valley gave Kyle his first taste of inner stillness. (10:12)
  • Kyle’s relationship with his father blossomed after his parents divorced. (13:45)
  • In the throes of depression, Kyle attempts suicide after his days playing college football ended at Arizona State. (20:12)
  • Kyle’s psychiatrist prescribed fish oil to treat his depression. (24:53)
  • What got Kyle past his depression, taking drugs and a near suicide: Fighting. (27:43)
  • Kyle’s introduction to Paul came from watching Flatten Your Abs Forever and reading How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy in 2006. (30:10)
  • “You [Paul] were the fire under my ass to want to learn more and be the better version of myself.” (31:50)
  • The life-changing lesson Paul learned after he won a championship in the boxing ring during his career in the U.S. Army. (35:12)
  • Kyle’s introduction to plant medicines. (39:16)
  • The health polarities/problems many fighters experience. (42:54)
  • The career that fell into Kyle’s lap through Joe Rogan, podcasting, Paleo f(x), Aubrey Marcus and a job at Onnit. (49:25)
  • Kyle embarks on an open relationship. (55:41)
  • The financial challenges working as a UFC fighter. (1:03:43)
  • Paul came to boxing to protect himself and his family from his father. (1:06:38)
  • Kyle learned to forgive his parents for being kids. (1:11:36)
  • Paul’s parenting style with Mana. (1:13:27)
  • “Real psychedelic medicines amplify everything hiding inside you.” (1:19:59)
  • One of Kyle’s greatest fears: Not being loved. (1:25:00)
  • What does “overcoming your shadow” really mean? (1:28:33)
  • Before you attempt to use psychedelics, do a float in a sensory deprivation tank first. (1:34:34)
  • Love is like a “magical kitchen.” (1:36:25)
  • “If I feel fear, if I feel anxiety, if I feel anger, I’m not living in love at that moment.” (1:49:06)
  • Our justice system really provides no justice at all. (1:51:53)
  • Humans are carrying the weight of at least three generations of family stuff on their backs. (1:59:07)
  • The elements of Kyle’s resurrection as a human being. (2:02:08)
  • Plant medicines reveal possibilities, but people still have to do the work to succeed. (2:07:26)

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