Show Notes Episode 32 – Mike Salemi: Mastering The Kettlebell

Kettlebells are some of the most flexible, functional and effective training tools out there.

The thing is, few people understand how to use them properly!

This week on Living 4D with Paul Chek, Paul talks Kettlebells with Master of Sport and Kettlebell Sport World Champion, Mike Salemi.

You’ll hear about Mike’s journey to World Champion, what it means to take a holistic approach to kettlebell training, how professional kettlebell athletes compete and become a Master of Sport, and learn a number of tips to become better with the kettlebell.

A bonus for Living 4D listeners:

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Show Notes

  • Who makes a better espresso: Mike’s Dad or Paul? (8:11)
  • Mike started his athletic journey as an eight-year-old gymnast. (13:03)
  • Finding the right mentors fast-tracks your development. (15:25)
  • Mike came back to the athletic world after spending eight years rebuilding his family’s business. (22:09)
  • How professional kettlebell athletes compete and become a Master of Sport. (30:12)
  • The problems athletes have with thoracic outlet syndrome. (35:39)
  • Mike is one of a handful of Americans who are a Master of Sport in multiple kettlebell divisions. (47:49)
  • Your body must be “designed” to be a kettlebell athlete for longer endurance events. (55:01)
  • Flexibility can make a huge difference in performance and health. (1:04:33)
  • Doing too many abdominal exercises disrupts the flow of emotional energy, along with the yin and yang balance in your body. (1:07:16)
  • Many people behave very diligently while they’re injured, but a year later they’re back to the same things that got them into trouble. (1:10:31)
  • “Whenever an organ or gland system is running too fast for its capacity, it produces ‘dis ease’.” (1:13:37)
  • The differences between what Mike teaches his clients as a CHEK Professional versus the approaches of other kettlebell coaches. (1:18:51)
  • Breathing dysfunctions and core dysfunctions go hand-in-hand. (1:24:01)
  • Floating in a sensory deprivation tank supports working in activities like meditation. (1:32:49)
  • Leaning into your fears and facing challenges head-on can lead to incredible growth. (1:34:36)
  • “We’re all connected. How I treat myself is how I treat you and the world.” (1:41:30)


  • Sergey Rachinskiy’s long cycle technique on YouTube
  • Mike works with Coach Denis Vasilev, a seven-time world champion, at the Orange Kettlebell Club in northern California.
  • Body Mechanics in Health and Disease by Joel Goldthwait, Lloyd Brown and Loring Swaim