Show Notes Episode 01 – What is Living 4D with Paul Chek?

After two years of being a guest on many podcasts — including Mind Pump Media, Aubrey Marcus, Ben Greenfield Fitness, and Josh Trent’s Wellness Force — Paul is now on the interviewing end with the debut of his weekly Living 4D With Paul Chek podcast.

Paul explains what and who inspired him to become part of the podcasting world as a way to fight against the movement toward unfulfilling fast food education that doesn’t help you live a dream-affirmative life.

Show Notes

  • Paul’s vision for his podcast. (2:11)
  • Inspiration from the Mind Pump Media guys. (5:28)
  • No fast-food education here. (7:48)
  • Healthy conflict brings more meaning and truth to conversations and relationships. (16:46)
  • Why Paul calls his podcast Living 4D. (20:24)
  • Most doctors and therapists are no healthier than their patients. (25:50)
  • Learning how to improvise and adapt in life. (31:37)
  • Question yourself and your ideas constantly. (34:00)
  • When a culture loses its mythology, it’s not long for this world. (36:12)
  • Children can hear the “truth buzzer.” (37:18)
  • Spirituality helps us understand why we have more things in common than we do differences. (39:11)
  • Future guests on Living 4D With Paul Chek. (41:15)
  • Men would do a lot better if they would allow powerful women to do what they do best. (48:38)
  • The cycle of fours that follow our lives. (49:00)
  • The octave of our existence. (52:54)
  • New Living 4D with Paul Chek podcasts debut on… (55:52)