Why is Change So Hard? Part 2: Motivation

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More often than not, people recognize the need to make changes in order to create better health and happiness in their lives, yet most just don’t do them.

For example, going to bed at a healthier, earlier hour may be really hard for them because that may be the only down time they have in their day to watch TV for two hours without interruptions…

As a CHEK Professional, how you coach people to find the motivation to change is the subject of my latest video conversation with Faculty Member Jator Pierre, the second of a three-part series about the challenges of changes.

(If you haven’t watched our conversation about the energy it takes to make lasting changes, here’s your reminder.)

Motivation is very much like gravity. Even if we can’t see it, we know motivation, like gravity, exerts a magical kind of force that attracts us to it.

CHEK Professionals see the need for good sleep habits but, maybe, your client isn’t ready to tackle that challenge. However, he/she is more willing to work on improving their diet. That willingness — the magical pull of motivation because he/she feels better — creates the path that will lead to other healthy changes, and even more consistent sleep habits.

While you’re watching this video, think about how long a journey it took for you to get to a place where you were open and willing to embrace change. It’s not like teaching your client a magic word — like SHAZAM! — and expecting them to become a brand new person immediately.

Sometimes, as Jator explains in our video conversation, that process can take a very long time, even years.

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